Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, I'm not even sure where to begin, there has just been SO much that God is doing and continues to do in revealing Himself to us...

I'll start with this- I have THE MOST incredible husband in the ENTIRE world! (try to persuade me'll lose)  :)  He is by no means perfect, but is SO perfect for me. I am amazed at the goodness of God in getting to share in this life together, having a leader that so loves God and me. He is just a wonderful man of God- I know he loves me because He wants God more.
My children are beautiful. They continue to be used by God to show me just how much I need Him. Raising children is such a blessing...and so much work! It's so fun.
My family is such a blessing. They've lived with us for close to 1 1/2 years now, and it's been so good. Thankfully we have a huge house, so space isn't such an issue. However, it has been a good time of working through some things and it's been a blessing to see God "do His thing." Last night, my dad was voted on and approved as the Church Administrator. Today was his first day.  It has been an awesome process to see God at work, taking care of their every need and using His people in their life. The best thing about last night- Super Bowl Sunday is my Mom's spiritual birthday. We sang her favorite hymn, Majesty, during the meeting. When they called the family out during questioning time, we all got around in a circle and prayed. What was so sweet about it was the prayers were not that my dad would be hired. Of course, that was our desire, but more than that desire was the desire that no matter what the vote, God be glorified. The prayers were that God would be seen through either providing through this position, or seen in Him providing something different and trusting Him through it. What a wonderful thing to see lived out! My family wasn't worried, and the peace wasn't dependent on the job, but in God, the Prince of Peace. Praise Him!
And then our church family...our friends who we get to "do life" with. In just this past week there have been NUMEROUS people that we've watched God use in our life. Last Sunday we had lunch with a family from church that we wanted to get to know, and it was such kindred spirits, it was like we've known each other already. No weirdness, like we're family. Then Monday we had a family over that we've been wanting to hang out with, and it was such an amazing time of fellowship, truth and spirit just pouring out. Times on the phone with friends, encouraging and praying with us, sharing concerns...Even this morning, my friend Becky was over and I was so encouraged as we talked and prayed. To the point of being overwhelmed with the mercy and grace of God, to tears.  Our friends the Igos are going through some really hard things right now, concerning her Dad's health and her own pregnancy. She's 36 weeks and can only wait and trust in God through this, with her Dad in the hospital and not doing well. But we can see the hand of God in the midst of it, showing Himself through it. Just praying with and crying with them. Oh my word- and yesterday at church, from the lesson Gary taught, to the songs we sung, to the sermon was SO RICH, so sweet. Oh so good!  These are just bits and pieces of what we've been seeing and experiencing of God. There's just so much, it can't even all been written out...
Praise God with us in the gift of His church...those who continue to "do life" with us, as we laugh, cry, pray, struggle, get mad, sad...all of it. It's such a blessing to be real and see God show Himself through it. That in the end, it's all about Him. We struggle and toil and go through things just so that God is the most treasured in our life. That is our prayer... Philippians 1:20- Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. He is SO worthy! 


faithmholt said...

Hey Gang, Faith here. It sounds as if all is going well and I am sorry that this is the only way to let you guys know that we are thinking of you. God is good all the time though!! Lots of Love from the Holts

SharonB said...

How wonderful! I rejoice with you! Tell your dad congratulations! What a blessed opportunity for him and your family.

Love you!

Jennifer said...

To answer your questions about the wedding: They are getting married at St Peter's United Church of Christ (which is at Long Point and Campbell). This is where my grandparents and parents got married. Then they are having the reception at Spring Shadows Pavilion. Scott's best friend is going to officate the wedding.