Tuesday, February 12, 2008

God is good...even when there are not so great things...

So, life here has been pretty good with the Hirsch gang...for being iced in (there's been ice storms that have cancelled the schools for the past few days and kept us inside due to not taking out three kids in freezing weather)...but I am getting stir crazy! I was talking with Melissa, and we're both ready to just run out for...milk? something? I was supposed to be hosting lunch here for some friends, but that got cancelled due to, we did school, more housework, and worked on Valentines...which, I've come to find out, has no real decisive origin. As a homeschool mom, I like to find out where these things originate from, and so after asking, talking with my friend Becky, looked it up on google...and yeah, lots of opinions. So the Hirsches will just use it as a day to express God's love to our family and friends. 

(this break in paragraphs is for my dad, who says it all running together is too much for his eyes and makes him lose interest...I do love you Dad!) So, as I was getting to the point here...there have been some things going on in the Hirsch home. Everything is wonderful as far as us, but the outside stressors are BIG. Gary and I are reading separately, but the through the same books of the Bible for our quiet times, and the other day as we were discussing all that's going on around us, I told him I was getting overwhelmed. You know, sometimes even good things can be stressful- like the family moving out of the house, etc. My wonderful husband reminded me to look to God and not on the things. His words- focus on God, not the long list, Lynette. What a good man! So as I'm feeling my shoulders inch closer to my ears and a stress induced headache coming on, I go for a moment of alone time (BIG DEAL as mother of 3! it's planned "mommy's time with Jesus" time) I grab my journal and Bible. I make it quick with the journal and manage a 1/2 page of- help me Jesus. It's looking like things are too big, and I need to be reminded of who you are, that you are MUCH bigger. So, I open to the next chapter in our reading...and, yes, it's Philippians 4! After telling God- I need a clear word from you to calm my anxious heart, about 2 minutes later I'm reading- Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication... oh, THANK YOU GOD! Nothing like His pure, fresh rhema (personal Word) spoken to my heart at just THE right moment. I, of course, start crying and just sit there thanking Him and feeling stupid for being overwhelmed in the first place, cause He's so near. But then it turns to praise that He's so gracious to me. Well, that has helped these last few days to keep turning back to Him in the midst of things that seem like they're going to just swallow me up...or when I want them to just so I don't have to deal with anything else!  So much going on, from personal stuff to business stuff to outside stuff we watch...BUT- thanks to God who is so much bigger! He is our Rock. He wants to not just give us peace, but He Himself IS our peace. What a God! 

May you rest in God regardless of what's going on inside of your heart, or outside all around you. He is good.