Sunday, November 16, 2008

a good week

Some pictures of the girls:

We've had a great week, getting into the swing of things with 4 little girls. I ended up not having my first full day with all the girls myself until Friday, and all of us survived. We've even been up to having friends come to hang out, and went out to the Igos for dinner too. It was nice to get out of the house! Anyway, God continues to be very gracious to us, with so much help and pouring out of love towards us. It has made the transition go smoothly. We're very grateful to the Lord for His church.
Gary and I have been reading at the last night feeding of the day before letting the baby sleep as long as she'll go. We finished reading Francis Chan's "Crazy Love". We HIGHLY recommend it. It is SO what the church needs to hear. So so good. Easy to read, but filled with so much truth and is challenging. Right now we're in the middle of John Piper's new book (one of the new ones) "This Momentary Marriage." So far, it's been excellent. It has sparked much conversation between us, and has been such a refreshment.
I am grateful for this season of our life. It is tiring...and it is challenging at times. Lack of sleep causes the flesh to really "come out." But, it is good. Opportunities to grow, and to learn together. Having the times together of reading, reflecting, praying, and talking of Biblical truths have really helped overcome the flesh. Along with our family and friends who've been so very helpful. Thanks to all of you who've prayed for us. We appreciate more than we can say!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Past Week (and a half)

We are slowly adjusting to a family of 6. I can't believe that Brie is already a week and a half old! Gary has been so wonderful during the adjustment. Either he or Mom has been able to be here with me and the girls during the day. We're blessed to be able to have a flexible schedule for Gary to be home. I am a little nervous for my first full day of having all 4 girls by myself-which is this Tuesday. We definitely will not be making any big outtings yet! Here are a few pictures:

A sweet picture of big sister and baby sister cuddling to sleep. Bekah was worn out from all the work. 
Helping with her little sisters is a tiresome job!

Belle and Bethany giving sweet kisses.

Brie at 1 week old, just relaxing.

Her cute little scrunched up face!

We actually managed to get a picture of all four of the girls together, sitting, not crying, and somewhat looking in the same direction! Family pictures are going to be fun!  But they sure are sweeties!

Monday, November 3, 2008


So, we're not big on the whole political realm thing-probably not as much as we should. However- we are very grateful to live in a country that we can have a voice. So, go vote tomorrow. Today was Brie's due date, and before that, the 4th was her original due date. So here's a picture in honor of voting day. I guess you know how we're voting.