Monday, February 25, 2008

Help However God Wills

Yesterday, my friend Shannon and I had an incredible experience of helping a young woman in labor. An opportunity  to be a witness and a help to a very young couple who has visited our Bible Fellowship Group (Sunday school), Brandon and Savanna, was thrown in our lap.

Our group is throwing them a baby shower on Sunday, the 2nd. She was due the end of March, but went into labor at 35 weeks. She'd been having some problems and even had to have her labor stopped before. This time, it was too far gone to stop. After she'd contacted us that she was at the hospital in labor, Shannon went to see them before church. After church and lunch, my parents took the girls (they are SO helpful to free us to help!) home and Gary and I went to the hospital, Shannon meeting us there shortly after. 
This poor girl had no idea what was coming, as this was her first baby and all she knew was from reading. Her mother and husband were unsure of really what to do. When we first arrived, we could hear her screaming down the hall in pain. Once we went in to see her, she had a little dose of meds that helped take the edge off. So, as things started to progress, I just jumped in and started talking her through the contractions, helping her focus and relax, doing whatever I remembered was helpful for me just 6 months ago while birthing Bethany.
At times, it was incredibly intense. She didn't want an epidural (first baby!) and there were some things going on that didn't exactly help the situation. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, but no one else was doing anything, and I couldn't just watch her on her own in that much pain. We stayed for quite a few hours, til she was at 9cm and had some meds that knocked her out enough to rest. She did end up getting an epidural (thank the Lord for His mercy in that!) and the baby was born 3 hours after we'd left, around 7:30ish. 
It was a surreal experience. The struggle of not wanting to "take over", but then the compassion just overwhelming to the point of- whatever, I gotta do SOMETHING! Neither Shannon or I know her very well, except for the times they've attended church- and we've talked with her on the phone to stay updated with her health. It was so wonderful to be able to be used however God wills. He did some major things in me - I was pulling her hair out of the way while she threw up, rubbing her FEET  (I HATE FEET)...but the knowing what kind of pain she was in and how hard it is...I couldn't just leave or watch her. 
Thank God for compassion. Thank God for how His presence in us overflows to others to meet their needs however that may look. Thank God that He can be seen, shown, to others in whatever fashion He desires. It is such a joy to get to be a part of that! Thank God for my husband who doesn't think I'm crazy when I'm in there helping, and he's right there with me, asking what HE can do...and for my friend Shannon who was with me, helping her right there with me...and for my parents who freed us to be able to be a help...and to all those who were praying for her! It is such a blessing to see God in these experiences! Praise HIM!!!