Thursday, January 31, 2008

snow, snow, snow...

Today was one of those days that God reminded me no matter what, He is sovereign. So my hubby was being a good businessman and went to pick up a load of things for our store from Memphis, because a customer was expecting something in by Saturday. Nevermind that the forecast calling for snow in the late afternoon- he'd make it back in time. Well- God blew that snow in earlier than expected, and my husband was driving a truck, pulling a trailer, through it. The snow wasn't as worrisome as the ice. I was fine about it til he was calling, wanting to check the weather reports and such. Thankfully, God kept my heart calm and just waiting. That is not a fun thing. 

But, God did calm my heart enough that I did bundle Bekah and Belle up and enjoyed the snow with them. We went out there and made snow angels, threw snowballs...and in drove Daddy, after only being out there for 30 minutes. You know I threw a few snowballs at him...I was just so grateful that I could! So then we all played for a little before coming in to the warmth and napping. Here are some pictures... This is Belle's very first time in snow. She kept puckering up her lips and blowing out as it fell on her face. I put a few snowballs in her hands and she knew exactly what to do with them- she was laughing, throwing them at Mommy.  Bekah was like a giant marshmallow, all bundled up. Thank you, God for the beauty of your creation. Snow is SO fun!


SharonB said...

Hey I'm so excited that we will be able to keep up with your family now! I often wonder how you all are doing.

Guess who is coming to dinner tomorrow? Dave and Amy!!

I love you much!

SharonB said...

Lynette, adding friends to your side bar is pretty easy. When you are logged in to your blog look in the top right corner where it says customize, click there. Click on add a page element. Then click link list and add the bloggers name
in new Site Name and in the New site URL add the web address. There is really alot you can do in your side bar, like add pictures etc...just be daring and try the different things. it's fairly easy.

I think of you so often!And I look forward to getting caught up etc...

I have missed your family...and the wisdom of your mom! Yes you are right you have good parents...good models. I think I could have used some of their wisdom as I struggled through with my prodigal. Even now i continue to's amazing to me how God works. So often He works in ways I would have never guessed. Like Adam marrying someone who loves the Lord and even now desires to grow in her relationship with God. Who would have thought?
I do understand when you said "Being a wife to Gary is the greatest way I see Him" becuse I've been there myself. God has used my own husband to show me redemptive love and so much more. I stand in awe almost daily!

Well have fun as you learn the bloggy world! I started just to have a place to write and some of my friends encouraged me to write in a more public way so they coudl read it! So here I am... I share pictures and family stuff too!!

Get everyone my love...