Friday, February 29, 2008

Praise God for His Goodness in the Midst of Pain

Our hearts are very much stuff that is hurtful. We are praying God's mercy and grace to point us back to Him in the midst of pain, to run to Him and rest in Him. Hurtful, hateful words- cutting to the heart- but they don't know. It is so hard. When one pours into another, hopeful of God at work, fully loving, transparent...and then it being thrown in your face, and lies flung flippantly. Oh, it is HARD! But our God is GOOD. 

In this case, our prayer has been that we would live so up front, so transparently, that they would have to make things up in order to say negative things- and our prayers have been answered. God has kept us real with them, despite fear of what being truthful might bring- glory to His name! And now, we need His mercy and grace to keep us at His feet.
On a lighter note- the family has been moved into their house! It is wonderful, a perfect place for them, and beautiful. What an answer to prayer! 
God is faithful. He is good. We will rest in HIM, regardless of what is going on around us...or within us...for the glory of His name and for our joy!


SharonB said...

Yes our God is SO good. I have found that each hurtful experience, ordained by God, teaches, grows and stretches me. But it's never easy!

PS. Did You Hear? Joel and Lauren Wildasin had a little boy. All are doing well.

SharonB said...

Hey check out my blog...i've given you something. :-)