Saturday, February 16, 2008

Full House

So, we have had Brenna and Taylor Igo added to our Gang since Thursday night...they just left to go back home with their the Igos can all adjust as a family of 5. It has been a busy past couple of days- much fun! We realized that now when the Hirsch/Igo families go anywhere, it will be 10 of us- 2 males, and 8 females! That's crazy! 

We've discussed that with many of our friends embracing children as blessings from God, and not hindrances, that has led to none of us being able to go anywhere together as families in one vehicle anymore! We're hoping someone will have a burden to create a "stylish" 15 passenger van. Ha. That would be funny. It was a big deal when we converted to a mini van- we found one that doesn't look so mini-van-ish- a chevy uplander. It's comfy, has all the pluses, like a build in dvd player and car seat...but most importantly, has room for our whole family!  :)

These are the things I NEVER thought about as a single person...who does?! Even me, who likes to plan ahead and get things all funny. 

These are just ramblings of a mother of 3, with friends who have just as many children...which I need to go and attend to now...almost dinner time! Til later...


SharonB said...

I just sat here and read through your last few post and I must say that it is wonderful to be able to be in touch this way.

So much to be thankful much to praise our Father for.

I love you dear one...