Friday, February 29, 2008

Praise God for His Goodness in the Midst of Pain

Our hearts are very much stuff that is hurtful. We are praying God's mercy and grace to point us back to Him in the midst of pain, to run to Him and rest in Him. Hurtful, hateful words- cutting to the heart- but they don't know. It is so hard. When one pours into another, hopeful of God at work, fully loving, transparent...and then it being thrown in your face, and lies flung flippantly. Oh, it is HARD! But our God is GOOD. 

In this case, our prayer has been that we would live so up front, so transparently, that they would have to make things up in order to say negative things- and our prayers have been answered. God has kept us real with them, despite fear of what being truthful might bring- glory to His name! And now, we need His mercy and grace to keep us at His feet.
On a lighter note- the family has been moved into their house! It is wonderful, a perfect place for them, and beautiful. What an answer to prayer! 
God is faithful. He is good. We will rest in HIM, regardless of what is going on around us...or within us...for the glory of His name and for our joy!

Moving Day!!!

The day is family is MOVING OUT!!!  After 18 months of living here, they really are moving into their own house. It has been a good time of growth and we've had fun...but it was definitely time for us all to have our own space. Thankfully, we have a very large house, so that everyone had their own rooms and personal space, but that time is now over. We're getting ready to head over to the new house and start unloading the trailer. It's almost surreal.  The Lord has provided through us for them, to have a place to live and get established in Missouri. Now, the Lord has provided an amazing opportunity for them in this new house, as they will be "house sitting" for 18 months for a family from our church who is going overseas. It was a fit for both families, providing answers to both of their prayers. God is so creative in His answers sometimes! This also frees us to be able to do what we are sensing God is doing within our own lives. Now that we know my family is provided for, we can pursue those things freely. 

Oh, the things we can do, now that we have our house back to ourselves! We've decided that next week, there will be no dinner invites or extra things, because Gary and I will be having our own party for the week... Hmmm...    ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Baby Girl!

***UPDATE on 2/27: Baby Girl Madden has a name: Amya Jentry Madden!  Now they can come home...hopefully this afternoon, they think!

Another Baby Girl has been brought into the world...our friends Adam and Paige Madden welcomed their 3rd baby tonight around 11:00pm-ish, weighing 7 lbs, 8 oz, 20" long. They are still undecided about her name! She has curly black hair...we can't wait to see her!
Poor Paige- she was supposed to be induced at 6:00am this morning, but due to others coming in laboring, she was postponed til 4:30pm this afternoon! It was a pretty quick labor...but to be all prepared, packed up, trying to get sleep the night before, only to be told you have to WAIT even longer! Ugh! I think that would be hard. But, praise the Lord, everyone is doing well and now will just have to give that baby a name and adjust as a family of 5!
Praise you, Lord, for the miracle of birth! What an amazing testimony of our God, Creator, Sustainer. How beautiful are new babies and how close they bring family and friends. Thank you, Jesus!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Help However God Wills

Yesterday, my friend Shannon and I had an incredible experience of helping a young woman in labor. An opportunity  to be a witness and a help to a very young couple who has visited our Bible Fellowship Group (Sunday school), Brandon and Savanna, was thrown in our lap.

Our group is throwing them a baby shower on Sunday, the 2nd. She was due the end of March, but went into labor at 35 weeks. She'd been having some problems and even had to have her labor stopped before. This time, it was too far gone to stop. After she'd contacted us that she was at the hospital in labor, Shannon went to see them before church. After church and lunch, my parents took the girls (they are SO helpful to free us to help!) home and Gary and I went to the hospital, Shannon meeting us there shortly after. 
This poor girl had no idea what was coming, as this was her first baby and all she knew was from reading. Her mother and husband were unsure of really what to do. When we first arrived, we could hear her screaming down the hall in pain. Once we went in to see her, she had a little dose of meds that helped take the edge off. So, as things started to progress, I just jumped in and started talking her through the contractions, helping her focus and relax, doing whatever I remembered was helpful for me just 6 months ago while birthing Bethany.
At times, it was incredibly intense. She didn't want an epidural (first baby!) and there were some things going on that didn't exactly help the situation. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, but no one else was doing anything, and I couldn't just watch her on her own in that much pain. We stayed for quite a few hours, til she was at 9cm and had some meds that knocked her out enough to rest. She did end up getting an epidural (thank the Lord for His mercy in that!) and the baby was born 3 hours after we'd left, around 7:30ish. 
It was a surreal experience. The struggle of not wanting to "take over", but then the compassion just overwhelming to the point of- whatever, I gotta do SOMETHING! Neither Shannon or I know her very well, except for the times they've attended church- and we've talked with her on the phone to stay updated with her health. It was so wonderful to be able to be used however God wills. He did some major things in me - I was pulling her hair out of the way while she threw up, rubbing her FEET  (I HATE FEET)...but the knowing what kind of pain she was in and how hard it is...I couldn't just leave or watch her. 
Thank God for compassion. Thank God for how His presence in us overflows to others to meet their needs however that may look. Thank God that He can be seen, shown, to others in whatever fashion He desires. It is such a joy to get to be a part of that! Thank God for my husband who doesn't think I'm crazy when I'm in there helping, and he's right there with me, asking what HE can do...and for my friend Shannon who was with me, helping her right there with me...and for my parents who freed us to be able to be a help...and to all those who were praying for her! It is such a blessing to see God in these experiences! Praise HIM!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

and a funny...

Last night Gary and I went on a date...just getting out alone. Minus driving out my brother & sister to meet up with friends to see a movie and bringing them, we ate dinner at yummy Chen's...then we went shopping, looking around at some things. Tia and ChiChi called and said they were all starving, so we met them at McDonalds and hung out. I was stuffed, so I only grabbed a sweet tea, then we all sat around to chat. It was fun. Good laughs. (I also got to try out the ipod iphone- thanks to Jordan. You're the coolest "mac" guy ever!)

As we left, I got a little more tea to go- and was so confused as I walked up and saw the sign: "Mickey D's sweet tea" huge, and then on the handle "unsweetened". For a moment, I thought I was imagining it, then looked again and laughed out loud. So naturally, Tia and I had to take a pic. Funny, funny...

Our girlies...

Okay, so since we've been iced in for a few days again, we had a good 'ole time playing together yesterday...we danced and sang in the living room until Mommy turned blue in the face- literally- and about passed out. talk about exercise. As Belle was signing for "more", Mommy grabbed the camera and quickly changed the subject by taking pics. 
Here are a few: Bethany in all her cuteness- even when she cries, she's cute! (notice the shirt- how cute am i?); Belle taking pics of Mommy taking pics and in her big girl sunglasses; Bekah looking all grown up!; and a group pic from this morning.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ramblings...Spiritual Thoughts...

So, today, there was more ice/sleet/freezing rain, and the schools have been cancelled...

of course, we'll still do school- one blessing of home schooling- but, it does mean we're not going anywhere today. I am READY for some spring weather around here. Obviously, God thinks otherwise. 

My little baby  Bethany is taking her nap...Bekah and Belle are in their room, gate up, with their praise and worship cd on, dancing and singing away to Jesus. That is a beautiful thing. Belle may not communicate words so well (she's learning) but it is the cutest to hear her trying, and Bekah trying to teach her. Oh my! Yes, we have daily "locked up" time- about this time each morning, for an hour, the gate's up in their room, free to play- and Mommy's free to spend some time with Jesus, check her email, and whatever else- interruption free. I believe it is for all of our own good. It sounds awful, "locked up", but really, they just have a boundary for playing.

Anyway, so God continues to just give us His daily bread each day as we seek Him for the next thing. There are still so many things going on here right now, and we're taking things one step at a time. I am so encouraged by His giving us a "word" just for the next moment, that day. Gary and I are growing together so much in reading through a chapter a day- it gets us on the same page and we share at dinner how God used it in our life that day. So great! I like being on the same page- same anything- with my hubby.  :)

I had home school co-op yesterday (we meet the 1st & 3rd Wed of each month, plus some field trips) five of us families with kindergarteners- each of us moms teach a different subject. Right now we have art, science, spanish, music, and cooking. I just started this month with cooking. We started with memorizing 1 Corinthians 10:31- "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God" and the food groups. It's precious to hear them say it by heart, with great enthusiasm (motions included). So yesterday, I blindfolded them and they tasted 12 different foods, guessed what they were, and what food group they belong in. It was so great! What fun! One of the boys asked if we could do that every time we had co-op. Too cute.

We also have growth groups- our group meets Wednesday night, while our kids attend Awanas. Well, let me tell ya- how much we LOVE our group. We have such a diverse group of people, but we love it! Now, this is a work of God in my life- embracing the differences and not trying to get others to see it "my way", which of course, is God's way. ha! what an idiot I can be, right? Please do not respond to that... Now, there is truth to knowing what God has to say on things (cause who cares about our opinions?!) verses what I think or feel. But, really, God can and DOES teach me something and has somebody else have a different angle. I think we're seeing it like this- God is God. He is the same. He is. Each of us humans have finite minds. It's like we have this "camera" and take a picture of a piece of God. We bring it with us everywhere and run into others who have their pictures of a piece of God. It's not that their picture isn't God, it's that it's at a different angle. Mine may be from the front top, theirs from the back middle...When they're put all together, we get the actual clear, full fledge picture of who God is. That's what we see the church as. One body, one Spirit, many different members. What beauty in that! What a God, to require us to come together under His leadership (Holy Spirit) and take our pictures, put them together, and give us a more accurate account of who He is- THAT is glorifying God! (giving an accurate account of who He is)  I'm praying John 17, what Jesus prayed for us, His church, before He left earth...may we be one as He is one! One with the Father, one with each other. For HIS GLORY and OUR JOY! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Praise God for the Cow!

The cow has been a blessing to the Hirsch family in many ways...Gary's dad raises them and it helps provide for them; Piece of a cow heart was used to patch the hole in Bekah's heart when she was only 15 months old during open heart surgery, healing her; and...last was our DINNER!  mmmmm....We had our family Valentine's dinner last night, and it was SO very good.  Praise God for the cow!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Full House

So, we have had Brenna and Taylor Igo added to our Gang since Thursday night...they just left to go back home with their the Igos can all adjust as a family of 5. It has been a busy past couple of days- much fun! We realized that now when the Hirsch/Igo families go anywhere, it will be 10 of us- 2 males, and 8 females! That's crazy! 

We've discussed that with many of our friends embracing children as blessings from God, and not hindrances, that has led to none of us being able to go anywhere together as families in one vehicle anymore! We're hoping someone will have a burden to create a "stylish" 15 passenger van. Ha. That would be funny. It was a big deal when we converted to a mini van- we found one that doesn't look so mini-van-ish- a chevy uplander. It's comfy, has all the pluses, like a build in dvd player and car seat...but most importantly, has room for our whole family!  :)

These are the things I NEVER thought about as a single person...who does?! Even me, who likes to plan ahead and get things all funny. 

These are just ramblings of a mother of 3, with friends who have just as many children...which I need to go and attend to now...almost dinner time! Til later...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...a little late in the day, for good reason

Hello everyone! What a Valentine's Day!!! First, some pics of our little sweeties...

And the newest sweetie in the Igo household, Kara Elise, born TODAY at 3:36 pm, weighing 7 lbs, 2 1/2 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, with very little hair- more like peach fuzz. 
She is SO precious, the Valentine's baby has to be a sweetheart!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The babies are coming!!!

Our dear friends, Todd and Heather Wallace, welcomed their newest baby, Jude Ezra, this afternoon. He was 7 lbs, 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Everyone is healthy. We only wish we could go see them...they do live in Springfield, so maybe soon!

Our other close friends, Tim and Melissa Igo will be (hopefully) welcoming Kara Elise tomorrow, as she will be induced in the morning. A Valentine's baby! She'll be sweet.  We're all anxious for tomorrow, looking forward to welcoming her! 

It's baby galore- our other good friends, Adam and Paige Madden, will be delivering the end of the month...

I did mention to Gary that I was feeling left out, not being in labor this month while some of our close friends are.  I really am okay with that...but it has got us thinking about another. Hmmm...we'll see. Right now we have our hands full with three beautiful girls.  What blessings babies are!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

God is good...even when there are not so great things...

So, life here has been pretty good with the Hirsch gang...for being iced in (there's been ice storms that have cancelled the schools for the past few days and kept us inside due to not taking out three kids in freezing weather)...but I am getting stir crazy! I was talking with Melissa, and we're both ready to just run out for...milk? something? I was supposed to be hosting lunch here for some friends, but that got cancelled due to, we did school, more housework, and worked on Valentines...which, I've come to find out, has no real decisive origin. As a homeschool mom, I like to find out where these things originate from, and so after asking, talking with my friend Becky, looked it up on google...and yeah, lots of opinions. So the Hirsches will just use it as a day to express God's love to our family and friends. 

(this break in paragraphs is for my dad, who says it all running together is too much for his eyes and makes him lose interest...I do love you Dad!) So, as I was getting to the point here...there have been some things going on in the Hirsch home. Everything is wonderful as far as us, but the outside stressors are BIG. Gary and I are reading separately, but the through the same books of the Bible for our quiet times, and the other day as we were discussing all that's going on around us, I told him I was getting overwhelmed. You know, sometimes even good things can be stressful- like the family moving out of the house, etc. My wonderful husband reminded me to look to God and not on the things. His words- focus on God, not the long list, Lynette. What a good man! So as I'm feeling my shoulders inch closer to my ears and a stress induced headache coming on, I go for a moment of alone time (BIG DEAL as mother of 3! it's planned "mommy's time with Jesus" time) I grab my journal and Bible. I make it quick with the journal and manage a 1/2 page of- help me Jesus. It's looking like things are too big, and I need to be reminded of who you are, that you are MUCH bigger. So, I open to the next chapter in our reading...and, yes, it's Philippians 4! After telling God- I need a clear word from you to calm my anxious heart, about 2 minutes later I'm reading- Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication... oh, THANK YOU GOD! Nothing like His pure, fresh rhema (personal Word) spoken to my heart at just THE right moment. I, of course, start crying and just sit there thanking Him and feeling stupid for being overwhelmed in the first place, cause He's so near. But then it turns to praise that He's so gracious to me. Well, that has helped these last few days to keep turning back to Him in the midst of things that seem like they're going to just swallow me up...or when I want them to just so I don't have to deal with anything else!  So much going on, from personal stuff to business stuff to outside stuff we watch...BUT- thanks to God who is so much bigger! He is our Rock. He wants to not just give us peace, but He Himself IS our peace. What a God! 

May you rest in God regardless of what's going on inside of your heart, or outside all around you. He is good.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

I've been tagged by my friend Jennifer, so here it goes:

(I saved this as a draft and then finished it and posted it today, Monday, the 11th!)

Two Names You Go By:
1. Honey Bunny
2. Mommy

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. my camel color velour sweatsuit
2. my wedding ring

Two things You Expect in a Relationship:
1. Trust
2. Honesty/transparency

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. spend alone time with my hubby
2. fellowship with family and friends

Two Things You Want Very Badly at the Moment:
1. God to give clear direction on some decisions
2. People to see God as He is

Two pets you had/have:
1. Darla- jack russell
2. Tannie- little terrier mutt

Two things you did last night:
1. do you want to know? :)  well, snuggled with my hubby
2. had our Sunday night family meeting

Two Things you ate last night:
1. thai noodles (homemade)
2. 100 calorie hersheys bar 

Two people you talked to last night:
1. my hubby
2. my parents

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. hosting lunch for some friends
2. the usual housework stuff

Two longest car rides:
1. Houston TX to Wisconsin Dells WI (talk about south to north!)
2. Nazareth PA to Houston TX 

Two of your Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Easter

Your favorite beverages:
1. h20
2. diet rite

I tag...Melissa, Heather, and Amy

Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, I'm not even sure where to begin, there has just been SO much that God is doing and continues to do in revealing Himself to us...

I'll start with this- I have THE MOST incredible husband in the ENTIRE world! (try to persuade me'll lose)  :)  He is by no means perfect, but is SO perfect for me. I am amazed at the goodness of God in getting to share in this life together, having a leader that so loves God and me. He is just a wonderful man of God- I know he loves me because He wants God more.
My children are beautiful. They continue to be used by God to show me just how much I need Him. Raising children is such a blessing...and so much work! It's so fun.
My family is such a blessing. They've lived with us for close to 1 1/2 years now, and it's been so good. Thankfully we have a huge house, so space isn't such an issue. However, it has been a good time of working through some things and it's been a blessing to see God "do His thing." Last night, my dad was voted on and approved as the Church Administrator. Today was his first day.  It has been an awesome process to see God at work, taking care of their every need and using His people in their life. The best thing about last night- Super Bowl Sunday is my Mom's spiritual birthday. We sang her favorite hymn, Majesty, during the meeting. When they called the family out during questioning time, we all got around in a circle and prayed. What was so sweet about it was the prayers were not that my dad would be hired. Of course, that was our desire, but more than that desire was the desire that no matter what the vote, God be glorified. The prayers were that God would be seen through either providing through this position, or seen in Him providing something different and trusting Him through it. What a wonderful thing to see lived out! My family wasn't worried, and the peace wasn't dependent on the job, but in God, the Prince of Peace. Praise Him!
And then our church family...our friends who we get to "do life" with. In just this past week there have been NUMEROUS people that we've watched God use in our life. Last Sunday we had lunch with a family from church that we wanted to get to know, and it was such kindred spirits, it was like we've known each other already. No weirdness, like we're family. Then Monday we had a family over that we've been wanting to hang out with, and it was such an amazing time of fellowship, truth and spirit just pouring out. Times on the phone with friends, encouraging and praying with us, sharing concerns...Even this morning, my friend Becky was over and I was so encouraged as we talked and prayed. To the point of being overwhelmed with the mercy and grace of God, to tears.  Our friends the Igos are going through some really hard things right now, concerning her Dad's health and her own pregnancy. She's 36 weeks and can only wait and trust in God through this, with her Dad in the hospital and not doing well. But we can see the hand of God in the midst of it, showing Himself through it. Just praying with and crying with them. Oh my word- and yesterday at church, from the lesson Gary taught, to the songs we sung, to the sermon was SO RICH, so sweet. Oh so good!  These are just bits and pieces of what we've been seeing and experiencing of God. There's just so much, it can't even all been written out...
Praise God with us in the gift of His church...those who continue to "do life" with us, as we laugh, cry, pray, struggle, get mad, sad...all of it. It's such a blessing to be real and see God show Himself through it. That in the end, it's all about Him. We struggle and toil and go through things just so that God is the most treasured in our life. That is our prayer... Philippians 1:20- Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. He is SO worthy!