Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ringing in the New Year

So! Have not done any better keeping up with the blog...many transitions...but now settled into our "new" place, and hopefully establishing our new "normal." Whatever normal is, anyway. Facebook really has taken my time more than the blogging...but, hope to get better with it with the new year.
Thanksgiving came, right after we moved into our new place, along with everyone in our family getting the flu. It was a rough transition. Thankfully we moved in slowly and were able to get things settled in. Our first night here, Bethany started sick, then it went through each of us one day apart up to Thanksgiving day. And not only that, but spread to my extended family and their friends who came home with them too...out of 14 of us, 12 of us had it. Thankfully, it was only a quick bug and was done in about 8 hours tops. There really were some bonding experiences over it. Lots of opportunities to serve each other during the sickness. And a great reminder to be thankful for our health. It was one Thanksgiving we won't forget for sure!
Christmas was so fun, with the 4 girls. And I'm grateful we were able to really enjoy and celebrate together without being in the hospital having baby. It was a "quieter" Christmas, in that it was only our family on Christmas day. That's never happened before- we always have other people to share the celebration with. It was different, but we all agreed very timely, as this could very well have been our last Christmas all together...there's a great possibility of my brother and his girlfriend getting married soon, and most likely, they'll spend Christmas with her family. So it was a sweet time with just us. Of course, the weeks leading up to Christmas are full of parties, activities, and preparing for Christmas- baking, crafting, wrapping. This year I was preparing way in advance, just in case baby came early. I'm so glad I did! It helped things go much smoother and me be able to enjoy all the preparations. As we read through the Christmas Scriptures in the couple weeks before for our devos, it was fun to be pregnant and imagine being Mary going through all of that. Watching "The Nativity Story" really makes it real too- can not imagine walking/riding on a donkey for over 100 miles, ready to give birth! No wonder she had Jesus when they got to Bethlehem- all that walking! Anyway, it was neat for me to be able to really "feel" and imagine Mary's position as a full term pregnant woman. I think this year was just rich in celebrating all the way around. The gifts were all so thoughtful- Gary especially went all out, and with every package I opened, had a coordinating envelope with the gift that had Scripture and the reason for the gift, to help point me to Jesus. That made each thing more special than just the gift itself. Bekah made cards for each of us, and that was so sweet, giving what she could, making something for us from the heart. She was also eager to help in getting everything ready and excited to be a part of all the surprises. It was so fun!
Now we're getting ready for baby. Here I am, the eve of birthing him, trying to catch up! :) I've been contracting well for a while now, but especially these last few days. I keep thinking maybe this is it...and then they'll slow down a bit. I do know that by January 1st, we will have baby Kaleb James to hold and cuddle! To see the light at the end of the tunnel has made it more bearable. We still cannot believe that there will actually be another little Hirsch baby...and that this one is a BOY. Though it's not really become real for us- probably not til we get to actually SEE him- the reality of raising a boy is sinking in. The difference in how to point him to Christ, how to challenge him to lead (the girls we challenge to lead by being the first to submit!)...he will have to be challenge to take risks, walking in faith. It will be different in seeking the Lord for what it means to parent a boy...channeling his aggression, passion to conquer, etc, for God's glory and not just his self satisfaction. All of it has got us thinking and praying. Praying for more wisdom...for our girls, for this new little boy.
All in all- what a way to end the year! 2009 was a good one! Full of change and lots of excitement yet again. More seeking the Lord and just doing the next thing He leads us in. And now, we'll start 2010 in the same position. Ready to hear, humbled before Him to see what things He has in store. He's so good! Have a Happy New Year! and post coming soon! :)