Friday, February 29, 2008

Moving Day!!!

The day is family is MOVING OUT!!!  After 18 months of living here, they really are moving into their own house. It has been a good time of growth and we've had fun...but it was definitely time for us all to have our own space. Thankfully, we have a very large house, so that everyone had their own rooms and personal space, but that time is now over. We're getting ready to head over to the new house and start unloading the trailer. It's almost surreal.  The Lord has provided through us for them, to have a place to live and get established in Missouri. Now, the Lord has provided an amazing opportunity for them in this new house, as they will be "house sitting" for 18 months for a family from our church who is going overseas. It was a fit for both families, providing answers to both of their prayers. God is so creative in His answers sometimes! This also frees us to be able to do what we are sensing God is doing within our own lives. Now that we know my family is provided for, we can pursue those things freely. 

Oh, the things we can do, now that we have our house back to ourselves! We've decided that next week, there will be no dinner invites or extra things, because Gary and I will be having our own party for the week... Hmmm...    ;)


The Sanders House said...

That is so awesome that God provided in that way! I can not believe that have lived with you that long! How will you do without all the help??
(btw..thanks for your help on napping!)