Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ramblings...Spiritual Thoughts...

So, today, there was more ice/sleet/freezing rain, and the schools have been cancelled...

of course, we'll still do school- one blessing of home schooling- but, it does mean we're not going anywhere today. I am READY for some spring weather around here. Obviously, God thinks otherwise. 

My little baby  Bethany is taking her nap...Bekah and Belle are in their room, gate up, with their praise and worship cd on, dancing and singing away to Jesus. That is a beautiful thing. Belle may not communicate words so well (she's learning) but it is the cutest to hear her trying, and Bekah trying to teach her. Oh my! Yes, we have daily "locked up" time- about this time each morning, for an hour, the gate's up in their room, free to play- and Mommy's free to spend some time with Jesus, check her email, and whatever else- interruption free. I believe it is for all of our own good. It sounds awful, "locked up", but really, they just have a boundary for playing.

Anyway, so God continues to just give us His daily bread each day as we seek Him for the next thing. There are still so many things going on here right now, and we're taking things one step at a time. I am so encouraged by His giving us a "word" just for the next moment, that day. Gary and I are growing together so much in reading through a chapter a day- it gets us on the same page and we share at dinner how God used it in our life that day. So great! I like being on the same page- same anything- with my hubby.  :)

I had home school co-op yesterday (we meet the 1st & 3rd Wed of each month, plus some field trips) five of us families with kindergarteners- each of us moms teach a different subject. Right now we have art, science, spanish, music, and cooking. I just started this month with cooking. We started with memorizing 1 Corinthians 10:31- "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God" and the food groups. It's precious to hear them say it by heart, with great enthusiasm (motions included). So yesterday, I blindfolded them and they tasted 12 different foods, guessed what they were, and what food group they belong in. It was so great! What fun! One of the boys asked if we could do that every time we had co-op. Too cute.

We also have growth groups- our group meets Wednesday night, while our kids attend Awanas. Well, let me tell ya- how much we LOVE our group. We have such a diverse group of people, but we love it! Now, this is a work of God in my life- embracing the differences and not trying to get others to see it "my way", which of course, is God's way. ha! what an idiot I can be, right? Please do not respond to that... Now, there is truth to knowing what God has to say on things (cause who cares about our opinions?!) verses what I think or feel. But, really, God can and DOES teach me something and has somebody else have a different angle. I think we're seeing it like this- God is God. He is the same. He is. Each of us humans have finite minds. It's like we have this "camera" and take a picture of a piece of God. We bring it with us everywhere and run into others who have their pictures of a piece of God. It's not that their picture isn't God, it's that it's at a different angle. Mine may be from the front top, theirs from the back middle...When they're put all together, we get the actual clear, full fledge picture of who God is. That's what we see the church as. One body, one Spirit, many different members. What beauty in that! What a God, to require us to come together under His leadership (Holy Spirit) and take our pictures, put them together, and give us a more accurate account of who He is- THAT is glorifying God! (giving an accurate account of who He is)  I'm praying John 17, what Jesus prayed for us, His church, before He left earth...may we be one as He is one! One with the Father, one with each other. For HIS GLORY and OUR JOY! 


SharonB said...

Hey I hope you know how special you are to me. Even after all these years can't tell you how often I've thought of you, prayed for you and been thankful for the season God allowed you in my life. It is so encouraging to hear all God is doing in your life and how He has grown you. You have become a very beautiful woman of God.

I love you!