Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today, four years ago, we experienced the loss of a precious baby. I was two days shy of being 14 weeks pregnant. It was physically and emotionally painful, but God was so good to us during that time. He is Comforter, and Peace. I remember, on the way to the hospital, realizing that there was music playing (it was the cd we'd had in there) and as I slowly heard the words and what was being sung, I knew God was very present, near, and all would be okay in the end. It was Matt Redmon's "Blessed be Your Name"- Blessed be the Name of the Lord, blessed be Your name. You give and take away, You give and take away, My heart will choose to say, blessed be Your name. 

And now, four years later, we have two more beautiful girls added to our one from then, and another on the way to add to our family. The beautiful full circle thing for us is that Belle's birthday is in two days. She was born two years and two days after that loss. And, as God would have it, Belle was delivered by the same doctor who had been there at the hospital during the miscarriage. The one who performed the d and c two years later delivered our next baby. It was a sweet time of healing for us. And an awesome opportunity to share with him how God used him in that process of healing.
So, Lord, as we girls go out and enjoy the day, I am SO thankful for my sweet babies! Thank you for your nearness, in joy and in pain. Blessed be Your name!


Heather said...

I hope you have a God blessed day. We love your precious little girls and thank God for them too! God is so good!