Friday, June 13, 2008

Seeing God in the Every Day

So, life continues in the Hirsch home, as the busy-ness dies down just a little. Gary was gone on a business trip from Sunday afternoon til Tuesday evening, so we stayed out at my parent's house. We had a good time with Poppy and Gammy, Tia and ChiChi. Even got to go to the pool a couple times earlier this week, and met the Igos there. These past couple of days we've just been hanging around the house, getting house work done and errands run. 

In the midst of the "every day" things, I've enjoyed getting to actually ENJOY my children, observing them a little closer and cherishing the moments that I know will seem so long ago in just a short time. I'm even beginning to enjoy being pregnant. And THAT is a miracle, people! I HATE pregnancy. I LOVE the babies, but I am not one that enjoys the whole getting fat, stretch marks, feeling sick to my stomach, more tired than I've ever felt, etc...but, that's not the case in this pregnancy anymore, well, besides the fatness and stretch marks.  :)  Really, I think this is the best I've felt during pregnancy so far. Gary jokes- see, by the end of them all, you won't even be able to tell that you're pregnant...ha.
Anyway, so Gary usually prays with Bekah at bedtime. They have their whole little ritual thing, and it kinda gets messed up when he's gone. While he was gone, I was praying with her and she asked God to please keep Daddy safe and bring him home to us safely. When he got home, she was praying with him and thanked God for bringing him home safely. Gary prayed out loud then, and asked God for strength for the next day at work, to unload the trailer. After he'd said amen, Bekah looked at him funny and said- Daddy, why'd you pray that? He told her- cause Daddy's really tired from the trip and doesn't feel like unloading the trailer tomorrow. She said- oh, okay. So, the next morning at breakfast, after thanking God for the food, she prayed for Daddy for strength. He got home and she asked him right away how his day went and if he got the trailer unloaded. He told her- half way. (this is a 24 ft trailer loaded from top to bottom) So the next day, which was yesterday, she prayed for him again at breakfast, that God would give him the strength the get the trailer all unloaded. Last night she asked him again how it went at work and if he got the trailer done. He said- yes! She was so excited and at dinner she thanked God for giving Daddy the strength to get the trailer all unloaded. And my eyes welled up with tears. Something so simple, and so necessary. What is even better is that two nights ago, after the kids were in bed, Gary and I were looking through bills, at the work schedule, etc., and were a bit stressed about things. There is a lot going on within the business right now, and it seems like there is just so much within our life as a whole, that there isn't enough time to get everything done that HAS TO get done even. We argued a little, but came to the point of just talking through things. We prayed together and then looked at it all again. It was really good, and we went to bed with not everything figured out, but confident God will work it out. Tired, but resting in the strength God provides. The next day, God answered a very specific prayer of Gary's, which was very encouraging, and then that evening is when Bekah told him she'd prayed for him and then thanked God at dinner for giving Daddy strength. It blessed my heart to watch our daughter minister to the heart of her Daddy, my love, without even purposing or knowing that she was. She was just doing what she knows to do. And she has no idea just how much of a blessing that was to us both. 
That's what I think God wants us to be like. Not so much "purposing" to bless others, as much as walking in Spirit and truth, doing "what we know to do".  The blessings to others will come as an overflowing of doing what we're supposed to be doing, walking in obedience to Him. And we might not even know when we bless others. Life in the Spirit isn't dutiful. It's delight. It's doing what we know we're supposed to be doing, but actually ENJOYING doing it. That's why it's Spirit life. Cause we can't make ourselves LIKE it. So, Holy Spirit, would you please pour yourself out today on your church? Cause us to walk in obedience and overflow to others around us. Make us aware of opportunities to love on others and enjoy fulfilling those acts of love. Glorify your name. 


Sugar said...

I love what you say about not so much "purposing" but more "walking in the Spirit." I think a lot of people miss this. Then those "busy" Christians look at those of us communing with God through the every day and wonder why we aren't DOing more. God doesn't want us to lose Him in the BUSY-ness. He wants to meet us in our everyday moments.

SharonB said...

Such a beautiful post and reminder that God does call us to the Spirit filled life. And when we live fully immersed in His Spirit then the His love will overflow and touch the lives of others while we are just living our life for our Father.