Friday, June 20, 2008

And the next Baby Hirsch is...

another little princess! Yes, we found out today that we are having another little girl!

So, being that we have to be tortured for our ultrasounds- full bladder, ready to explode, waiting to be seen, baby kicking bladder, having to move and actually walk to the table while praying that you don't sneeze and totally lose all contents of bladder in the process- well, today, my husband got to actually see how much this woman's bladder holds. I drank my two bottles of water. I was getting up to go to the bathroom, cause we'd been waiting for like 30-45 minutes already, and I was in serious pain, when she came up to get us. I get through the door and tell the ultrasound tech- there can be no small talk, I am seriously hurting here. So she's gracious enough to speed the process up and get going. She proceeds to put the wand on my belly and let's out a- oh my gosh!- and of course, Gary is like, what?! Are there twins?!  (now wouldn't THAT be fun!) And she told him- no, I have never seen a bladder this big on a pregnant woman. And then proceeds to give her apologizes to me and hurries to get the full bladder pics and, praise be to God, let me go empty it before finishing. So now there is proof that I really am not whining or being wimpy when I finally DO have to go to the bathroom.  :)
Anyway, so this baby...I am scared. She would not cooperate. She is breech (no big deal, Belle & Bethany were up til the week before delivery), but it doesn't give the best shot at taking a peek. And she had her heel right between her legs. Then, the tech said that she'd just go ahead and take the pics and measurements of the other parts she needed and try to see if she'd move at some point to see. Well, she was trying to get pics of a certain thing, and the baby would move. The tech would move the wand, get the area she needed, and baby would move again. Little booger. Gary says this is going to be another momma's personality baby.   :)   Lord, have mercy!  
One cute thing we got to see during the process was her yawning. We could see her mouth open up and close. It was sweet. It was like she was mocking us. This is taking so long...aaaaauuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh*yawn*  Funny.
But, finally she quickly moved her foot and you could see the clear markings of a baby girl. Yes, Gary is WAY out numbered. Pray for him. :)  He is excited. And makes a wonderful daddy to sweet little girls.
On a more serious note, I was reminded again of God's sovereignty and His hand. Earlier this week I ran across Angie Smith's blog. If you haven't heard her story, be blessed in seeing God use pain for the glory of His name and check out her blog at when you have some free moments and a box of tissues. Nothing extraordinary about her but the grace of God in her life. Part of her story includes finding out at her 20 week ultrasound/check up that their baby girl Audrey Caroline was not going to live. She had major complications that was going to keep her from living more than a few hours. Because of reading this whole story  (every single blog in one late night) right before my own 20 week ultrasound, I found myself before God, again laying down my "Isaac" and being reminded of what I treasure more than even this precious life within my womb. More than my most prized possession on this earth, my husband. I was reminded that God is good, regardless of what He chooses to give or take away. And again I was reminded to offer it back up to Him for His glory, and however He wants to reveal His glory. Even if that meant some "horrible" news at this 20 week ultrasound about the health and well being of our baby. I am grateful for how gracious God is to give me these reminders to keep my heart in check. The reality is, I didn't know it was all going to be fine. The reality is, He has every right to glorify Himself however He desires within our life. Even if it's not what I would ideally choose. The reality is, He is God. And that is enough. What a gracious God.
Baby Girl #4- we love you and are praying that your whole life- and eventual death- would continually remind those around you that God is enough. That even in the midst of hard things, hurtful things, and yes, joyful things, we would keep faith. Faith in a holy, gracious God that is wholly enough. Yes, your name will include Faith. We know that.  :)


Sugar said...

Hi and congratulations on the new baby girl coming.

I am a Christian mom always looking for new reads. I clicked on your books and found that I was directed to a music site that didn't look anything like the books I was looking to get info on. Hmmm... just thought you should know. (PS: I use Shelfari. Works really well)

Jennifer said...

I told Kristen a few weeks ago that I was guessing this baby would have the middle name Faith. Man, was I good or what!

SharonB said...

How exciting! May God be glorified through the birth of this precious little girl!

Heather said...

Congratulations on another little princess! I can't believe 4 girls.

Shae said...


Is Gary constructing a "man room" yet? lol