Saturday, June 7, 2008

Belle's Fish Party

Tonight was Belle's fish and bubbles party. She really likes fish, and she really likes bubbles. I wanted to do a princess Belle party, but Bekah convinced me that Belle REALLY likes fish and bubbles, so we did that instead. I'm glad. It was low key, with just a few families, since many were sick or just unable to come. That was kinda nice for me. Anyway, it was fun to let the kids play- we did have the sprinkler and slip 'n slide, so they had a blast with that. And we got to visit with friends, which we always love.

Belle is SO funny. Every time she's received a gift, she takes her time opening it, peeling every last bit of paper piece by piece (oh the patience!) before she'll even attempt to open it. And any clothing she gets, she immediately holds up to her and then tries to put on by herself. The independence of a two year old is so cute at times. Here are some pictures of Belle's birthday festivities:

The girls at the play place at the mall in Jonesboro, on Belle's birthday. The forecast called for rain, so my mom and I took the girls out to shop and spend the day together in Jonesboro.

Belle, the birthday girl, riding a "turtle". 

Here she is trying on one of her new outfits. It was SO funny!

Bethany, all smiles, during Belle's birthday party.

Bekah with Taylor and Brenna enjoying the water fun.

The slip 'n slide!

Like father, like daughter- Tim and baby Kara- with matching heads!

The birthday cupcakes

Max thoroughly enjoying the birthday cupcakes. :)


SharonB said...

You're girls are just so precious! Your mom must totally love on them when she is with them! :-) I know I would...and I do with my own grandchildren. They are such a treasure and blessing to the hearts of their grandparents.