Friday, June 6, 2008

Isabelle Joy

Our  little Isabelle Joy turned 2 today. Oh my, and 2 she is... she is so fun. Isabelle means dedicated to God, and that we definitely pray, that her entire life would be about Him. And Joy is fitting for her, as she is such a joyful little girl- very expressive. Her personality is explosive. I wonder where she got that from?!  :)  

We were reminiscing today about her birth and how much joy it brought to our hearts as God brought healing full circle from the pregnancy we miscarried before her. I distinctly remember being in Houston, visiting, back at First Baptist in the worship center where Gary and I were married, holding her as we sang "Blessed be Your Name."  Do I need to tell you I was bawling, my heart full of joy and overwhelmed with God's graciousness to us in bringing healing, revealing Himself, and choosing to bless us with another baby I was holding in my arms?! Oh my! What a gracious God.
So today, our little Isabelle Joy, we want to tell you that we love you. You certainly have been used by God to bring joy to our hearts, and we pray that you'd be a tool to point others to the true source of joy with your expressive personality. We so desire for you to be wholly God's, convinced of who He is. We know that with your personality, once you're convinced, there will be no one who can tell you otherwise. :)  We pray God's mercy that He would turn your little heart to Him, that you'd be convinced of the Truth, and know the joy that is found only in Him.
Happy Birthday, Princess Belle!


Sugar - The Girl Behind the Flash said...

I love that song. "Though there's pain in the offering, Blessed be your name." What a wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing that story of your family's healing.