Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Past Weekend

So, this past weekend I got adventurous and brave (or went crazy). These past couple of months we've been involved with a house church start here in our area. A few of the men (5 of them) went to Kansas City together to visit another house church to get some info, ask questions, and just get some wisdom from others who are older, more experienced, and reputable. 
Anyway, so since we were home alone with our children, me and two other women whose husbands were gone decided to take a trip. I went back and forth debating, but in the end, decided this may not happen often, and I really didn't want to be a party pooper. So, this prego momma loaded up herself, three girls, and all our gear for a weekend getaway. I'm so glad we did. It was a good time of just hanging out with Robin and Paige and their kids. Robin and I traveled together, and met up with Paige, her mom, sister, and nephew. Here are some pictures of the fun weekend getaway.

The bigger kids in a "boat" at the play place at the mall. After a long drive and lunch, they needed to get out their energy. And, it was great after a lot of shopping too. They did SO well for how much shopping we did. And yes, those are twin girls, Ellie & Allie. Belle was so funny, looking at them back and forth, not so sure. They all had a great time together.

I found a nice hotel-nicer than the guys stayed in!  :)  - and this table was part of the suite. The girls got to color after their baths. They were still all smiles after a long day and being up way past bedtime. 

After hitting the outlet mall in Branson and lunch, we went to the Butterfly Palace. We watched a 3D movie on butterflies, that was kinda funny at times (especially during the explaining of how they recreate, and when in the end, the butterfly was eaten. Robin was telling the butterfly to fly away...)  Bekah was concerned that a ton of butterflies were going to swarm and attack her. It was a bit comical.

You can tell in this group shot that Belle was ready for her nap...and Bekah was nervous of a butterfly touching her, which cracks me up, since she catches them. I think it was the idea of a whole bunch of them at once.

Just a pretty picture of some butterflies. I had no idea how many different kinds of butterflies there are. There were some very pretty ones. It's amazing how our Creator has designed things.

The weekend went pretty well. It was my first attempt at taking the girls out by myself (without Gary or my Mom) for anything other than our normal routine. Other than my frustrating time of trying to put up our pack n play (the new one we're using as Bethany's "bed" for right now, which hadn't been taken down in a while)- thank God for Melissa, who I called to talk me through some ideas. She had set it up at my baby shower, so I thought she'd remember. It ended up being comical- but I DID finally get that thing figured out, after at least 30 minutes of trying. Other than that, the weekend was smooth. And fun. A good time of just being together, and building relationships. I'm looking forward to more times like that. Good stuff.