Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is what a Rainbow Tea Party looks like

No, we are not celebrating anyone coming out of the closet...just our 6 year old's birthday who REALLY wanted a Rainbow Tea Party, whatever that is! Really, finding stuff like this was impossible, so we made it up ourselves. It definitely stretched our creative thinking, but it worked. 
Birthdays are a big deal in our family. It's the one day that we celebrate God making that individual for His glory by allowing them to pick what to eat, what kind of dessert they want, etc. It's the only day in our family that we allow the kid to "boss." Not that we don't take their ideas into consideration every other day, but just because we're celebrating God making them them, they get to pick everything. (Which is NOT the case any other day!- and also why we don't believe it is going to create a "it's-all-about-me" mentality- cause it's one day, and it's to be looked forward to for EACH member of the family.) So, that is why we worked with the Rainbow Tea Party theme. It definitely wouldn't have been my pick since it's not easy, but it wasn't about me. 
Anyway, here are a few pictures of the party was a good time.

Baby Bethany decked out in Rainbow for the party- she loves all the people.

Belle's cuteness- she enjoyed the food!

Bekah, the birthday girl, all excited!

The Rainbow cake- mmmmmmmm.....

Bekah with Brenna and Taylor

Bekah with Gavin and Aslan

Bethany is so excited about being able to pull up all by herself

Bekah (and prego Mommy) handing out guest's gifts

Belle enjoying her cupcake

Bekah with some of her friends


jonathan said...

whoa, that kid's name is aslan? amazing.

good pictures, nanette.

by the way, that baby monitor thing is freaking creepy.

SharonB said...

what great picture, Looks like she has a great day!