Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on God's Protection/Provision!

Okay, so just after posting my last blog concerning the van wreck and seeing God through it, I called Gary to be sure he remembered to pick up payroll for our employees from our CPA, just in case I needed to go do it instead. Anyway, so he tells me how he got to see God's hand today through the accident specifically. Here's the deal: well, because of the accident happening where it did, and because they CPA saw it and came to help out, and because my mom couldn't remember the girls' info to give to the police and they went up to the CPA office-because of all this, our CPA realized that while doing our taxes, they completely left Bethany off! So, they got all the info together and told Gary we should be getting another refund in the mail! Can you believe that?! God is good, huh? Had the accident not happened where it did, they wouldn't have seen it, had they not been compelled to come help, had my mom remembered the girls' info...we probably wouldn't have realized that Bethany had been left off til NEXT tax season! And we could really use it now, to help pay off some things. (such as this next baby's bills!) Praise the Lord. 

Funny, how after wrestling with God and being okay with the crappy circumstances, He blesses us. After recognizing the real blessing of GOD HIMSELF as our true Treasure, then He also chooses to reveal some other little nuggets of blessing as well. What a gracious God!!!


SharonB said...

Hey sweetie! You all have been through it lately haven't you! But you are so right, it's during these times we learn just how much we NEED God!

God recently showed me something very similiar, just about the time I came to the point when I fully realized I only needed Him to fill every part of me He brought a 'spiritual' mother/sister into my life as an added blessing.

I echo your hearts deasire - to be fully and completely satisfied with Him and Him alone, regardless of my circumstance. To stand and bless His name in both joy and sorrow!

So thankful everyone was ok!

Heather said...

I'm so glad all are okay. We orginally thought you were in the accident with the girls.

Also, wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary. Love you guys!