Thursday, May 1, 2008

God's Clear Protection

God 's very clear protection over our family was evident this past Friday. As you can see, our van is a mess. (I don't think this picture even does it justice.) While Gary and I were at the home school convention, my parents had the girls Thursday through Friday evening. On Friday, my mom opened the store for us, then came into town to run some errands. She was turning left at a light, and a guy completely missed the red light, swerved to keep from hitting the guy in front of him who was stopped at the red light, and hit my mom who was driving our van with our three girls in tow. Thankfully, he hit the only place/corner that none of our girls sit- and everyone, including the driver who hit them, is okay. Living in a small town, our CPA saw the accident and saw that it was our van, and came down to help. They helped my mom with information (she was so shaken, she couldn't think of birthdays and such) and with the girls. 

As all the consequences of this have taken place- like no van to drive, dealing with insurance, getting a rental, etc- have occurred, and I've been annoyed at the inconvenience of it all during an already stressful time, I've asked God- Why? Not in like a, you owe me an explanation kind of attitude, but just like- What in the world are you doing here?! I do believe it's like this- a ton of rough circumstances, stressful and hurtful all in one time period, to point us to our absolute need for Christ. We CANNOT survive without Him. We cannot try to go through Gary's sister's death, funeral, new pregnancy, lots of new things with the business, changes with our church family, van a wreck, etc- in our own strength. God is reminding us to run to Him. To rely on Him. To rest in Him. And be thankful for ALL THINGS in Him.

Which, I am so grateful to Him that in His sovereignty, that truck did not hit a second sooner, as it would have hit Belle straight on. As I looked at the van, I was overwhelmed with what "could have been" and just cried in thankfulness. One moment sooner, and we could have been in the hospital with our baby, or planning her funeral. He was gracious to spare us this time. But then- had He not, He would still be worth all the praise. And I'd still want my heart rely on Him. To rest in Him. To be thankful in Him. I want to praise Him from the depths of my soul regardless of the circumstances. Even if He chooses to take away my own children. Or husband. I want to value Him, treasure Him, more than even them, my greatest earthly treasures. God, give us a greater picture of who you are, that we would treasure YOU most!


Shae said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad God was looking out for your family!

The Sanders House said...

i am so glad that everyone is okay! how scary! i just want to hug your mom!