Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sharing in Suffering

Some of our closest friends, the Igos, have experienced a great loss this afternoon. Ronnie, Melissa's dad, went home to be with Jesus around 2 pm this afternoon. He just closed his eyes and went to sleep- to awake to Jesus in no pain, and to see His Savior face to face, experiencing Him fully. I'm a bit jealous.

Though, I'm not jealous of the intensity of hurt this brings to the hearts of their family. But we share in their suffering, in their hurt. They are as of now, still on the road on their way to Houston. They were unable to make it in time to see him. Trusting God's sovereignty, it is still hard. I can't imagine what Melissa's going through now, unable to see her daddy before leaving this earth. But I know and pray she will trust her heavenly Daddy, who works all things out for His glory and her good. For right now-it still sucks.
I can't tell you how we wish we could be there with them through this. They just walked with us- almost exactly a month ago (as of the 8th)- as Gary's sister Jeanni went home to Jesus. But, we will pray. And we'll be there for when they come back.
Please pray with us for them. Especially for their girls who were very close to him. It is a hard thing to process for any of us, let alone children. Little hearts that you try to protect from hurt, bearing great pain. Be near, Lord! Help us to experience you through it!