Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life is good

So, today I had lunch with a friend who also has three girls...lots in common. It's so nice to just hang out together.  

And I must say, my husband is so sweet- he has been purposing to take one day off a month to be home with the girls and be "me"- he does everything from the laundry to school with Bekah- and gives me the day to go and do whatever I'd like to do, to get a break. It's been great- time for me to get some down time, and it has helped Gary to see just exactly what I do. He's always been pretty thankful and appreciative, but now he completely understands why some days dinner doesn't get made, or I have to call him to have him talk to a rebellious child, etc. It's made for me to feel cherished and he's so much more appreciative, that I really want to do all I can to be his helper. Anyway, so this month, we're having to do it a little different with the changes we made at the store- instead of the whole day off, he's doing a couple evenings- so I'm ready for a dinner date or two! Look out, I may just call you!  :)


SharonB said...

What a sweetheart he is!! I'm sure it makes you feel loved and cherished.