Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Deer Reminder

Okay, I HAVE TO share this amazing, wonderful way God reminded me to submit to, follow, my husband and allowed me to see the immediate result of obedience in that. 

If you know me at all, you know I am not the meek, mild natured, quiet type, so the word submission is not so easy for me. Not that I think it's easy for any woman, cause it's not a natural thing at all, but it seems like it's a double whammy for myself. I fight tooth and nail, for no apparent reason at times other than to just fight it out. (Yes, I know, I need Jesus!)

So last night, we went to church. I bring our van with all of us to the store, pick Gary up right at 5pm, when the store closes, then go to eat (love subway!) and then to church. Sidenote: at growth group, I shared about my freaking out at Bekah during math,  (see previous blog) and my need for patience, and really, for my selfishness to be overcome. I lost it because I didn't want to take the time and energy it took to help her really understand it. So, just finding a better curriculum or sending her to a school would not actually help the real problem- my heart/attitude, it would just make it "go away", like the issue would just not be seen. Actually, it'd probably come out while trying to help her do homework anyway. So, my answer is to run to Jesus to change my bad attitude, so no matter if we keep home schooling (our intention) or send her to a school, the real problem of my selfishness and impatience will be dealt with.

Back to story: So, we drive back toward home, have to stop midway at our store to get Gary's truck, and then we drive separately home from there. Now, usually, I'll follow Gary, more as a reminder of my "following" my husband. It may not be a big deal that I must actually follow him home, but for me it is definitely a little "check" for my heart. I got in the van, and started to just go, not wanting to wait on him (hmmm...impatience again!) and then got ready to pull out on the road, when the Lord just reminded me to wait. So, I kinda laughed at myself and waited for him. I followed my husband.

After that, I called a friend to see how she was, cause when I'd seen her briefly at church, she seemed down or whatever, so I just wanted to make sure she was okay. We talked a little, then she said she'd call me back after getting kids down to bed. Just as I hung up with her, Gary calls- honey, I just nailed a DEER. Be careful. Now, I am only 2 minutes behind him. As I come up over the next hill, there is a deer standing in the middle of the road. Thankfully, I'd slowed down after being on the phone with him. Then it hit me- not the deer- but the reality of had I not shown that little sign of submission of waiting on Gary and following him, I WOULD HAVE HIT THE DEER! Gary is driving his dad's huge truck, which has this massive guard on it (his dad hit a few deer and was sick of the damage- not anymore!) so it didn't do a thing to his truck. Had I hit the deer, I was in the mini van with our three kids- it wouldn't have been pretty!

So, what a blessing! I am so glad that God reminds us of these things and even allows us at times to see the blessing of obedience. I also realized last night that had I been on the phone with my friend still, I may not had answered the phone when Gary had been calling. And realized that is probably not the best. We talked about it, and I agreed that I would always answer the phone when he's calling out of my respect for him as my husband, though it may not have to be a long conversation or we'll call back. Anyway- yes, these have been good lessons, reminders, for me. Obviously, patience is a part of the fruit of the Spirit I am lacking, so I am asking God's Spirit be poured out on me, so that fruit will be evident in my life.

So, have a great day! I'm enjoying the gift of being a wife and mother...patiently!  :)


SharonB said...

You are so right we all struggle with submission. But when we have a desire to be more like Him He will continually send us "gentle" reminders. So glad you and the girls are fine! And so glad you listened to the nudge of the Spirit, it shows a heart that desires obedience...even in the midst of impatience. :-)

Amber said...

Hey friend! i found your blog from Michelle Sanders! I was so excited that I found it! I love this post! ahh yes submission. Thanks for sharing! I am excited about keeping up with yall!