Thursday, March 6, 2008

Children are a BLESSING!

So, I had to remind myself of this today, over and over, as I was trying to get us out the door and to the grocery store to get the all important diapers, wipes, formula, toilet paper, and FOOD before the next big snow storm hits tonight... Belle was doing her terydacatal scream on the top of her lungs in 5 second intervals, Bekah kept asking me the same question over and over as I was trying to gather everything to get out the door, then Bethany needs a diaper change and is screaming because now she is hungry. Yes, the life of a wife, helper of her husband, mother of three beautiful children. 

I finally get us all out the door and even remembered everything (list, diaper bag, purse, all three children...) and into the car. I get out the driveway and start on our dirt road...and, these huge hunks of snow come crashing from the roof onto my windshield. No problem, they just fall off, right? Nope- most of them manage to fly off, but a huge portion procedes to smash itself between the windshield wipers, giving me no way to clear the water dripping down my windshield from said snow. I have to go back to my house to get the scraper that was left on the porch to clean it off, all the while on the phone with Gary, telling him he better be praying for me because I'm not feeling the love of being his helper, caring for his house and children.  :)  So, of course, he makes some comment that makes me laugh and take a breath, say a prayer and trust God to help my attitude that wants to just scream.
So, we did make our super walmart trip- this would be why I hate living out the way like we do, 30+ minutes from walmart- I have to make a "trip" of it. Thank God, my attitude changed, and the kids were wonderful. Bekah was a big helper, steering cart #2 (remember- I have THREE kids- one 6 month old in car seat, and 20 month old in cart seat, 5 yr old walking with me) and there we were, carting through Walmart with the whole crowd that was trying to beat the snow. There were MANY looks from people, mostly smiles, but I know some of them were thinking- don't you know what birth control is? And to them I say- Children ARE a BLESSING!
I DO love being my man's helper, being a keeper of the home and caring for our children while he is away, working. It is a great blessing. Even better- seeing God work a miracle in my heart to not just do what I need to with a bad attitude, but by the end of the day, after talking to God , my hubby, and a few of my close friends who understand and can laugh with me, I am actually LOVING it. What a great opportunity to see and experience God today. He's so good!
So, now, I will be doing school after dinner with Bekah, since after getting home, unloaded, and dinner going, we didn't have time, but thankfully, now I'm actually looking forward to it, as opposed to if I would've done it earlier. And I may just have to make some zucchini bread (bikini bread as Bekah calls it)  for the big storm.
Have a great evening- I will be!  


SharonB said...

A blessing indeed! What a wonderful day you had! There are times i wish I could go back and have the blessing again...but then I look at my grandchildren and think "thank you Lord! What a realy blessing they are!"

The Sanders House said...

wow! reading this makes my life look easy! you are my hero!
(that is hilarious that she calls it bikini bread!)

Bride-to-Be! said...

His exact words were, "Their'll alright. All I'm going to do is eat off of them."

So, I guess they'll do for him.
Thanks for loving them just like I do!