Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long Time, No Blog...

Oh my, are we behind, or what?! ...okay, life with 4 children and one on the way has made blogging a bit hard...even for a journaler like me. Facebook has stolen the time...if I have a minute, it's a LOT easier to catch up on fb than on here! BUT...I still want to document certain things, and I know some of you have mentioned my lack of writing, trying to catch up on what is going on here with us...SO, here it is!
We celebrated our 8th anniversary on May 5th. I am so blessed. I am more in love with my man every day. It's just starting to get good!...I turned 30 on May 10th, and that was "monumental". Or not. Really, didn't feel much change except that I have to remember to say "30" now when asked how old I am. I remember thinking that was really old when I was younger. I am SO NOT old!...we have celebrated Bekah's 7th birthday on May 21st, Belle's 3rd birthday on June 6th, Bethany's 2nd birthday on August 16th...found out that this next baby is a BOY...and will be celebrating Brie's 1st birthday next week, October 29th.
We've also had some MAJOR ups and downs...just life. You know what I'm sayin'...I mean, just cause I'm totally in love with my man doesn't mean it's always pretty. Yes, we're committed. But yes, we're also very human. So, we've gotten to see God be God and do some major work in our hearts through times of high stress with our family, businesses, church life, and the like. It's life. I am grateful that I am freed to feel. Feel the pain and the hurt and the everything...and know it WILL be okay in the end. It's so wonderful. Thing is, I get to feel the joy so much deeper too. God is so good!
We have started some major changes with our businesses, Kosh Wholesale and Home Matters...lots of internal changes and just better managing...with the help of our friend Casey. Praise God for those who can be outside of the situation to help guide us that feel overwhelmed at the moment. It's exciting stuff that's being implemented. Now have a website...check it out!
Oh yeah...and we've moved...again. Our friends whose house we were staying in came home from Australia and we packed up and moved out, stayed with my parents a little while getting their house ready for them, and now living with friends of ours for about a month before our rental comes available. Yes, we're crazy. But you see, God's provided. So we can be out here where so much of our life is and be able to be close by. Someone's come and expressed interested in our house in Thayer, so praying it will work out. We'll see. God always works it all out in the end anyway. We're just trusting Him moment by moment. Do what He says to do for now. Then now will turn to then. We don't have to worry about it. (I know, sometimes way easier said then done. That's why I've asked God to increase my faith in Him too. Maybe THAT'S why we're in this season of our life!)
So, the Hirsch family is once again, busy. Busy and crazy. What' s new? Like I had to update the blog for you to know that! I guess not that much has changed...LOL! God is good! Glad to catch up a bit.


SharonB said...

Love, love, love you!! So excited you are having a boy!