Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today is Gary and my 8th anniversary! He's giving me the afternoon to go take Melissa for her promised birthday mani/pedi (from last year!) and then we're out to dinner at El Charros. We always do Mexican food, since it's cinco de Mayo...and we'll sport our t shirts from Lis that she gave us for our wedding day like we've done every year so far.  :)
Eight, it hasn't slowed down either! Mercy! I am SO thankful for our marriage and how I get to grow and see God through it. It's been a wild eight years, with lots and LOTS of ups and downs...I'm so glad I get to do this life with you. Thank you Lord, for a man who doesn't complete me, but points me to You, who does! God is good!


Elizabeth said...

Eight years! Wow! It has been a long time. I remember the wedding, but I think what I'll remember most is the three years prior to the wedding. I remember seeing you grow through those three years and preparing you for marriage. We all knew you were going to marry Gary, even if you didn't know it, or weren't sure. It was just a matter of when. I'm just priviledged to see God's hand in this whole thing.