Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Bethany Hope!

Our baby girl is 1 today. It has flown by so fast. She is now officially mobile, walking more than she is crawling. It has been a fast year of her growing, learning, and accomplishing all those "firsts" that are so memorable.

Bethany Hope- Bethany is a city mentioned in the Bible numerous times that is a place where many experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. Lots of supernatural things happened there, and that's why we named you Bethany. We want you to be a place of God's dwelling, where His Spirit works and moves and is evident. Hope is what flowed from Grace and Joy, your sisters middle names- when we receive God's Grace, there is much Joy, and that gives us Hope. We want your hope to stem from our only source of true Hope, Jesus.

You definitely look a lot like your Daddy. It's like seeing him if he was a girl.  :)   And you love your Daddy tons, too. You prefer to be held by him and your eyes light up when you see him. We love your facial expressions, especially when you scrunch your face up and pucker up your lips. It's the cutest. And Daddy taught you this "growl".  You will chase people and roar at them when you're getting them. It cracks us up.

You share your birthday with your Aunt Tiffany, which is so fun. So today we'll celebrate together with family, and friends who are like family, those who have shared in your first year, and we pray, your next years. Daddy and Mommy have lots of accountability to grow you in the Lord, and for that we are grateful. 

We love you, little Princess. Happy Birthday!