Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bethany's 1st Birthday Party Pics

Here are some of Bethany's "1st Summer Garden Party" pics:

Her sweet happy face!

Sitting pretty

I think she was laughing at our crazy attempts to get her to smile.

The Birthday girls- Bethany's 1st, Tiffany's 19th- fun sharing a birthday with your aunt!

The Birthday girl with her Mopa

What's a Summer Garden party without a bug hunt? So cute- the kids decorated their bug catchers with stickers and then went and "caught bugs" that we'd hid in the yard. Max had fun!

Sydney isn't so sure about those bugs...

Once Belle figured out what we were doing, she caught on and was pretty excited about her bugs!

Playing pin the butterfly on the flower

Bekah requested that Tia and JaJa play too...and they didn't seem to mind joining in the fun!

Bethany enjoying her first piece of birthday cake!


SharonB said...

So cute! I guess if I was a good Nana I'd get pictures of AJ's 3rd birthday last Thursday. They grow up SO fast... Tiffany 19? Goodness...

Jennifer said...

hi, i found this through a link from "30 days." what a sweet party! i am planning a "bug" party for my daughter's 3rd and i love your idea of the bug catchers and bug search and the pin the bug on the flower. i had thought about pin the stinger on the bee.

great party! God bless! :)