Monday, March 2, 2009

Week in Review: Fun with Gammy and more

So, this past week, we:

  • Had a fun date night- dinner at subway, a long talk, good laughs...and a few rounds of games in the arcade section at Super Walmart. (I know...but we live HERE, so it's something to do!) And anyway, it really was fun, even if I did get whooped at Ms. Pac Man and air hockey.
  • Had dinner with the Wiehes and made some battle plans for the flower selling bus. Yes, you heard correctly. 
  • Took advantage of Gammy's day off and the beautiful weather on Wednesday and headed to the park. It was so pretty and we had a great time.
The only way to get them all to be still and get a pic was to feed them, keep 'em coming! 

My girls took up the whole swing set!  What will we do when we have more? haha.
  • Had a final dinner with our friends Adam and Shannon before he left for his final training and then heads overseas to Afghanistan with the National Guard. Pray for them these next 18 months. But, it was a fun night, tough steaks and all. Good laughs.
  • Took a really spontaneous trip to Springfield- Mom, Me, and all four of the girls. We're crazy. But it was so fun. We hit Target (woohoo!), Hobby Lobby, and the mall. And were blessed with a surprise- Todd, Heather, and the kids walking our way while in the food court enjoying Chick-fil-A. So, we got to eat and visit a bit. I was so glad to see them!

    In the play area...Bethany wanted out. She ran around in joyful circles, squealing the whole time.

  • Celebrated Taylor Igo's 10th birthday with a little bowling. It was Bekah and Belle's first time bowling for real. Wii doesn't count in Bekah's opinion. They're hooked. They're asking when we can go as a family. It was fun.

Belle and Bekah in their first pair of bowling shoes. 

That was our week...lots of fun things going on, lots of learning going on. It's good stuff. God is faithful! Hope yours was a blessed week too!


Heather said...

It was good to see you guys too. Can't wait until we get to hang out again.