Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Past Week (and a half)

We are slowly adjusting to a family of 6. I can't believe that Brie is already a week and a half old! Gary has been so wonderful during the adjustment. Either he or Mom has been able to be here with me and the girls during the day. We're blessed to be able to have a flexible schedule for Gary to be home. I am a little nervous for my first full day of having all 4 girls by myself-which is this Tuesday. We definitely will not be making any big outtings yet! Here are a few pictures:

A sweet picture of big sister and baby sister cuddling to sleep. Bekah was worn out from all the work. 
Helping with her little sisters is a tiresome job!

Belle and Bethany giving sweet kisses.

Brie at 1 week old, just relaxing.

Her cute little scrunched up face!

We actually managed to get a picture of all four of the girls together, sitting, not crying, and somewhat looking in the same direction! Family pictures are going to be fun!  But they sure are sweeties!


Jennifer said...

What cuties! I love the picture of Belle and Bethany together!

The Wetherells said...

I love how your girls all look so much alike. Can you believe you have 4 now?!
I am so happy for you and hope that God refreshes you and sustains your energy through these first few months with a newborn. love you - erica

Tiffany said...

goodness.. i can't wait til i get to see all of them. they are all so beautiful.

bekah made me laugh yesterday when she called me, asked what i wanted for Christmas, and then was like, "ok byeee." lol.

brie is so dang cute!