Sunday, October 19, 2008

Settling In

It feels like we've been through a whirlwind...our new store is open, we are "mostly" moved into our new we are just waiting on Baby. There has been nonstop activity, so much to get done. Just when we think we've got it all, something else comes up that needs to be dealt with. Thank the Lord, His grace is sufficient.

So, now we're just waiting on the next big life change- BABY! Woohoo! Literally, at any time now. Two weeks ago I was having some major contractions, last week- nothingness. It was almost depressing. Then, starting last night around dinner time, I've had them almost nonstop, just sporadic. So, we're hoping soon. 
Thursday evening we were blessed with a beautiful baby shower. It was a sweet time. Really. It was a dessert shower. Oh yum. I'm so glad I don't have gestational diabetes. But let me tell you, it got Baby moving for sure. So we got some really wonderful things, like diapers and wipes (I never understood that until having so many babies! Now I love getting them as gifts!)...and cute little clothes and handmade things. It made it all seem real. Up until then, it was still hitting us that we're really having another baby?! And it just wasn't getting through. When I started seeing all the itty bitty clothes and the immensely tiny newborn diapers, I remembered. And now am more mentally prepared. I have gone through the whole freaking out of labor and what I'm about to go through- I hate pain, people. I have to mentally prepare myself before labor that it's going to hurt like nothing else in this world, but that it is not without purpose...and I also thank God for modern meds. But it helps me to just go through the whole accepting that it's going to hurt and be uncomfortable, but that it's going to end and there will be a beautiful baby that will be worth it all when it's done. That helps me to keep focused during labor and not fight the pain. Seriously, I could get into a panic attack if I think on it too much. I have to sit and think on reality and just let God help me overcome that, and then it's all good...not to mention that my hubby and my mom will be there with me to keep reminding me.
That's all. This has been the Hirsch life these days. Lots of craziness...but, then, I'm not sure that it's ever really stopped! Seems like God brings us from one thing to the next. He's good like that.
Hopefully, next post will include some pictures of our newest addition to the family.