Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11...and Other Things...How Quickly We Forget

It is amazing to me how such monumental things happen, like 9/11, things that completely shake our world, change it forever, and we forget. Just like that. We go on like it never happened. Unless, of course, the affect it had on us was very personal. I am struck with how very self centered we are, myself included...and how very immediate we are. Like people who think- it was 7 years ago, get over it. Seven years doesn't bring back the dead.

What happened 7 years ago today was horrendous. The evidence of evil in the heart of man. Not just specific men. EVERY man/woman. In all of us. These are the things we are capable of without God as ruler of our hearts. 

And now, 7 years later, most of us didn't even think about it. We were busy with our day, getting our list done. Unless you lost someone in it and the affects are so close to home that it still makes your heart ache.

I don't want to forget. I want to ache with those who are hurting. I want to mourn for the reality of sin and what that makes us capable of. I want to hurt with the hurting who are still trying to overcome unforgiveness. 

Not just 9/11. I want to remember others who may have gone through other hurts that I may or may not have experienced for myself. To know that they have been affected by something and it has changed them dramatically. Haven't we all been through something that has come close to devastating us? The loss of someone close, maybe a husband/wife, or a child; enduring abuse of any kind; the heartache of betrayal; the pain of watching someone you love hurt deeply. 

I know what it is to be healed by The Healer through things that could have crippled me in this life. I know the Peace that comes in only Christ. I want others to know the Hope that is found in Him that makes it possible to go on another day. I want to love people. Genuinely. Deeply.

God, grant your people a love for you that pours out on others. Help us to love each other. To hurt with, to take on each other's burdens, to share in this life, to remember. And to point to You, our only source of Hope.