Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Funny 6 Year Old

So, today was a nice Sabbath day. We went to fellowship, then came home and while the two little ones napped, Gary, Bekah and I watched a movie til the girls woke up. We were able to rest and get some things done around the house. The girls all played outside while I trimmed the hedges and Gary mowed, then we just did yard work and odds and ends around the house. After the babies went to bed, we played Hullabaloo and then had dessert while playing Yahtzee together.

Bekah asked for sprinkles on her ice cream, so she got them out and put some in the lid of the jar to sprinkle on her ice cream, but accidentally spilled them all over the floor. We were like, they have to be picked up. She proceeded to get down and pick them up one by one and then said..."You know, I could use some help here. And God really likes when people help each other." Gary and I just busted out laughing...while helping her clean them up, of course. Stinking funny.

That was a nice way to end the day. Especially after having some rough inner battles with things. I was an emotional mess this morning...nothing bad going on, just very pregnant and overwhelmed. Well, I don't even know if I can explain it. Except that mix hormones with a very already passionate personality and I just cry sometimes. Really, there are some very important things that I'm burdened about that I shared with Gary last night til the wee hours of the morning that I had on my heart on the way to fellowship this morning. We talked more about them on the way there, then of course, people ask how you are, and...yeah. Then you hear about 6 week old babies diagnosed with cancer and people struggling with different things during prayer requests that just sends you over the edge to a big sobbing mess. Sometimes, like this morning, I just really wanted Jesus to come take us home. Or at least me. But it's okay. He's sovereign. So I'll be okay. As long as I run to Him. Thankfully, a friend sat and just listened to me and my concerns and my attempt to explain the tears and she committed to praying this week. It's so good of God to give us the Church. 

There's much going on within my heart and mind that I don't have the time or energy to type out right now...but maybe in snippets. I'll share them as words come. In the meantime, pray with me. And watch God do His thing. He is so good!


The Igo Family said...

know that i love you and am praying for you. i can't wait for things to settle down for me after next week so we can spend some time together.